I Believe Essay

I believe that everyone should be treated equally and NOT by race, culture, religion, color etc. I mean if you don’t like people saying things about you, then think about how other people feel when you do it to them. For example, saying things about others that you don’t know are true. A personal story that happened to me was last Monday I was going to school and this woman was giving me a scary look and just passed me and crossed the other side of the street with her daughter on the other side. The creepy part was that they were still looking at me on the other side of the street.

The thing that annoys me about my parents is that they know all these Bengali adults. Since those adults have nothing else better to do, they start gossiping about other peoples lives since they can’t mind there own business .The thing that I hate about that is they all have something to say something bad about my brothers, my cousins and me.

Another thing that annoys me about Bengali adults is gossiping and ruining other peoples lives. Since my whole family and I went to Saudi Arabia they look at us more, they think were supposed to do everything right. I mean how are we supposed to do everything right, but were just people! The thing that they started gossiping about me is that I didn’t start wearing a hijjab yet, (a scarf that Muslim girls wear on their head). The thing that I hated more then them gossiping about me that I didn’t wear a hijjab is that they started making more lies about me to go with it, and then started comparing something to make the thing bigger so that there would be a bigger problem. What I mean by that is they starting telling one person to another and after that happened people started comparing me of not wearing a scarf even though I went to Saudi Arabia, and then they started saying all other stuff that I’m a bad influence to their children and that my parents aren’t good parents. For those adults who said that of me I got in so much trouble from my parents when I didn’t do anything. Moreover, nothing was my fault. I mean first of all I went to Saudi Arabia when I was in the second grade, I mean seriously, what am I suppose to know during that time. The reason that I don’t want to wear a hijjab is because all these adults are pushing me to do something weather If I was to do it now or not. But I’m not going to let all these adults that I don’t even know decide what I have to do.

Another thing that annoys me of all of this is that why do they always talk crap about me when there daughters don’t even where a hijab when most of them are older then me the ones that I know. I mean atleast tell your daughters first and then do what you want. Some girls that I know is that their parents and them got so annoyed of people gossiping about them that there parents abuse them to make them wear a hijjab in front of them so that people would stop gossiping about them, but when the parents aren’t around the girls take it there hijab off. What’s the point of making someone do something that they don’t want to do?

From my point of view, you should be able to do what you want in whatever moment you want or just say no. If someone forces you to do something that you don’t want to do, then don’t listen to them, listen to your self. People can’t force or make you do something, you should be able to make your own decisions. If they are forcing you to do something, then tell them to stop because the more someone forces you to do something the less they want to do it.

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